Valley Fever Cases Rising in Arizona

Valley Fever Cases Rising in Arizona!
Cases of Valley Fever in Arizona are up by nearly 50 percent over this time last year and “new laboratory data suggests a seasonal uptick in the disease is now underway”, says a local expert in the potentially fatal fungal infection. 
The disease is not contagious, but the reason it’s important to catch valley fever early is that it can be treated with antifungal medications. But if treated with routine antibiotics, including penicillin, the condition could get worse.
There have been 3,343 cases of Valley Fever reported to the state this time last year. The Arizona state also recorded 48 deaths due to Valley Fever last year.
“Right now residents, doctors and visitors in these areas should be on a greater look out for Valley Fever”, he said.
We urge you to ask and tell your doctors that you should be screened for Valley Fever if you have symptoms suggestive of Valley Fever.

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