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Why Advertise With Us?

Location, Location, Location

When you advertise in Health Tips Magazine or Health Tips TV your advertisement will be seen by a diverse audience across digital and printed medias. Our audience base is focused in the medical field, not only will your advertisement be available in medical offices it will be available through our digital magazine to be viewed on the go.
The use of Health Tips TV in medical offices provides the perfect audience to view your ad while they wait to be seen by their physician, as the lobby and the patients room are the areas where they spend most of their visit time.

Active Audience

With Health Tips Magazine being a monthly free magazine that provides health tips and lifestyle changes by actual doctors, the amount of new content each month will keep our readers coming back thus exposing your advertisements to recurring readers and new readers as well. With the online presence of our digital copy of Health Tips Magazine our recurring subscribers will be notified each month when a new edition becomes available.

Diverse Markets

Our magazine is spread across diverse areas across Yuma County and Imperial County, including El Centro, San Luis, Somerton and Foothills in relevant locations including RV Parks for our winter visitors. With our main focus in healthcare our magazine will be available across doctors offices, pharmacies and hospitals. Our printed versions will cover local areas and our digital versions will be able to be viewed across the country.

Online Presence

With our digital version of Health Tips Magazine available on our website, our readers will be able to download it directly from our site or read it from our apps. We use the three major platforms for digital distribution, Amazon App Store for fire devices, Gooles Play Store for android devices and Apples App Store for ios devices.
Your advertisements will be featured on our Facebook Page as well to reach our followers with your ad.

Bilingual Editions

Health Tips Magazine will be available in both English and Spanish to reach the diverse audience that resides in Yuma County and Imperial County. Unlike other magazines in the same market who cover only one or the other. Both editions will be available in both print and digital.

Monthly Analytic Updates

We will provide monthly reports of our digital subscriptions and locations of where your ad will be viewed. The information provided will give you an overview of where your marketing investment is going to provide the best return on your investment.

Call us today at 928-246-4186

Advertise with us for as low as $75 per month!


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